National Flag has been installing flagpoles for nearly 10 years now. Whether you are looking for 20 ft. residential flagpole for your home or an 80 ft. flagpole for your business we got you covered. We have installed hundreds of flagpoles in the greater Cincinnati area.

Our flagpoles come with gold anodized ball, truck assembly, rope, snap hooks, cleat with screws, flash collar, and ground sleeve. Residential flagpoles have a 3 inch base diameter and commercial grade flagpoles start out at 5 inch base diameter.

We also can repair and re-rope flagpoles. Anything below 35 ft. we use a ladder to get to the top, 40 f.t and above we will have to rent a lift truck. National Flag has repaired residential flagpoles and we have been to top of Cincinnati to repair flagpoles on top of the skyscrapers.

Type Size Recommended Flag Size
Residential 15 FT. 3x5 FT.
Residential 20 FT. 4x6 FT.
Residential 25 FT. 5x8 FT.
Commercial 25 FT. 5x8 FT.
Commercial 30 FT. 6x10 FT.
Commercial 35 FT. 6x10 FT.
Commercial 40 FT. 8x12 FT.
Commercial 50 FT. 10x15 FT.
Commercial 60 FT. 12x18 FT.
Commercial 70 FT. 15x25 FT.
Commercial 80 FT. 20x30 FT.

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