Does your business, school, or organization have team colors? Do you just want to bring attention to your sign or building? Attention Flags are just that, attention getters. We have over 60 different colors of nylon that can made into solid flags and pennants. We can also seam your team colors together for striped flags and pennants. Our most popular sizes are 2 x 3 ft. and 3 x 5 ft.

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We also screen print our own message panels on white background and black print: WELCOME, OPEN, MODEL, NOW LEASING, GRAND OPENING, SPECIALS, MODELS, OPEN HOUSE, SALE. These panels can read horizontal or vertical. We stock flags of red and blue stripes but you can choose any color nylon for your stripes. Our message panels come in sizes 3 x 5 ft. – Horizontal 3 x 5 ft. and 3 x 8 ft. - Vertical

National Flag manufacturers many message panels for festivals and carnivals. We have over 20 different stock items including: COLD DRINKS, SAUSAGE, COTTON CANDY, FUNNEL CAKES, CANDY APPLES, CORN DOGS, and many more.

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